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How to block random sim swapping on Safaricom

Many Kenyans are a worried lot following a series of incidences of phone frauds in which many have lost millions of shillings. The latest incident involves one Farah Bashir. In an elaborate account to the Nation digital platform, Farah explained how while away in Johannesburg he lost 2.6 million in a span of two days. Apparently, hackers had accessed his phone and hacked into his Absa app which they used to clean him down to just around 15 shillings.

By the time he managed to get a friend to block his line, the damage had been done. This is obviously just one in a series of incidences; some in which senior police officers have fallen victim. Another victim, Kasarani OCPD Peter Mwanzo had a hard time explaining how he lost a total of 597 million to the sim card fraudsters.

According to Mwanzo, his problems started on the evening of January 4th. He first received a call using a private number before he switched to flight mode. He later discovered he had lost network. The only solution was to get a new line only to get the shocker of his life. On switching back on, he had been robbed clean.

Now, all along, the Safaricom network which has a majority of customers has always had this feature where customers can whitelist themselves from random sim swaps. Just by pressing *100*100# one automatically makes it impossible for a sim swap to be done in any other place other at the official Safaricom shops or by the customer directly calling Safaricom Customer care.

Sim Swapping is the single most enabler of phone frauds and by curtailing, the criminals may just have to invent other ways. Also, avoid giving too much details to those random callers. You should even be extra careful if it is a private number.

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