Nairobi socialite in court for not paying bills

Former Nairobi diaries actress Mishi Dorah was arrested over unpaid bar bill.
Mishi was later arraigned in Kibera Magistrate’s Court on charges of eating and drinking expensive drinks at a hotel and later renting a room without paying a cent.

The actress whose real name is Dorah Ojeng is alleged to have failed to pay a bill of one hundred and fifty-two thousand, five hundred and fifty shillings.

It is said that she rented a room in the hotel between May 26 and May 27 where she ordered chicken
pieces worth three thousand shillings, two thousand shillings mixed fruit juice, two five hundred shillings
soda, bottled water of four hundred shillings, and other types of drinks worth one thousand six hundred
and fifty shillings.

She also ordered six alcoholic beverages worth seventy-five thousand shillings and another seventy
thousand shillings while drinking with friends.

When she was asked to pay for the goods, she claimed that her bank had problems so she could not
make the payment.

However, she has denied the charges against her and has been released on cash of fifty thousand
shillings or bail of one hundred thousand shillings.
The case against her will be heard on June 16.

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