I have the ability to control bees, most sought-after medicineman says

As one of the best and outstanding medicineman, Mama Mweza has grown to be one of most sought after astrologist in East and Central Africa.

Mweza has helped thousands of people faced with a myriad of challenges ranging from unemployment, different kind of sickness, barrenness, lack of promotion at work place, exorcising demons and spirits, recovering stolen items through the use of bees which eventually fishes thieves out and more.

He also treats rudimentary problems, backache, high blood pressure, diabetes, prolonged menstrual period.
Daktari, as he is fondly referred, states he has medicine to improve the sex power, medicine to stop infidelity, winning court cases, and quitting drug addiction.
Daktari says he also powers to force thieves to eat grass and medicine to help politicians win in a political contest, he has modern medicine for the protections of farms and homesteads.

A case is told of a woman who developed suspicions and were rightly realized when she noticed that Jessica was flirting with her husband.

“My husband started acting completely different. It was like nothing I had seen before in our 7 years of marriage,” Marie recalls. “My husband had simply started liking her more than me.”

“Mysteriously, Jessica travelled back home to Ukambani claiming she was sick. I came to realize later that she had gone home with some of my things like underwear, which only added to my suspicions.”

She continues: “Meanwhile, back home, my husband wasn’t at peace. He kept asking for my friend each and every day. I later found out they were chatting.”

“After 2 weeks, Jessica came back home. She didn’t come back empty handed – Marie started finding strange things under my bed – witchcraft-related objects.” She tried speaking to her husband about it, but he just dismissed her. The spells had probably already started taking effect because he had already took Jessica’s side.

After this, Marie’s marriage quickly went down the drain.

She sought consultation from family and friends – her mother, aunts as well as other friends. Finally, she decided to visit a witchdoctor. The specialist, just like a medical doctor would, carried out a thorough consultation. Marie carefully narrated all that had happened to him. He listened carefully, then asked for some details from her, which she gave him. “He provided some herbs that she was instructed to use when she showered, and proceeded to other serious rituals which they carried out.”

“These revealed to me all what my friend had done to my marriage. Less than 24 hours later, my husband started calling me, asking me where I was so that he could come see me. I was very grateful to the herbalist.
Mweza has traveled far and wide to places such as Nigeria, Malawi, Congo, South Africa, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda using bees to nab thieves.

He boldly states there is no fear in seeking help from a professional medicine man, as ”God helps somebody who helps himself”.

Dr.Mama Mweza from Pemba

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