Media personality Andrew Okero’s skincare Brand Comes Liven To Skins

In addition as a media personality, Andrew Okero can now add beauty brand founder to his ever-growing list of titles . Having been in the market for the last two years, Daylight Skincare, a new clean, sustainable skin-care and grooming brand is availble in the market — and he’s telling HabariMoto all about it.

The lineup features skin and hair products, GLAM, retailing at Ksh1300 with a delivery fee applied depending on the location in Kenya.

According to Okero, who is the brand’s managing director the products are most suitable for skins of different complexion and feel.
“It heals black spots and dead skin, evens the skin tone,anti acne, and does deep cleansing perfectly,” said Okero.

He added the product is best for oily skin and is more suitable for sun burns and skin rashes as well as virgin olive oil for both hair and skin.

“We have made each product in this starting lineup as an essential part of the routine,” says the media personality.

(for those ones who want products can reach Andrew through Daylight skin care pages)

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