Travel agency seeks to change face of Kenyans seeking opportunities abroad

Due to the high unemployment rate in Kenya, citizens have turned to travel agencies with the prospects of looking for jobs abroad. Even though a cloud of negative employer-employee relations have been making rounds in the Kenyan media, some manage to land well-paying positions.
In light of such, the Kenyan government had to revoke over nine hundred licenses of recruiting agencies from deploying Kenyans to work abroad.

The Kenyan government set out a policy change on the recruitment processes in the country through the Kenya Labour Market Information System (KLMIS). The KLMIS is a portal that meant to link job seekers to employers and was introduced in July 2017 and launch fully in March 2018. The entrance is believed to assist job seekers land employment as well as internship opportunities both locally and internationally.

On the 30th of August 2017, approximately about 45 recruitment agencies in Kenya were given the mandate to deploy Kenyans to jobs abroad.

This move led to the rise of Jetter Adventures who aim at providing cheaper jobs opportunities and cheaper schools, in a Work-Study programme with a focus for taking interested parties to Canada.

“The focus on the North American market, specifically Canada is because the nation has friendly labour laws and relations.It is easier for anyone with a goodwill to thrive(there),” said a source within the organisation.

Currently the firm acts as travel consultants working with recruitment agencies ,schools and events organisers. Two things, 1. our recruitment license is not ready. So we are travel consultants working with recruitment agencies ,schools and events organisers. They can be reached on phone at +254740300100/0728560048 or on www.jettersadventures.com

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