Rare and painless Proton therapy for cancer treatment now available at Apollo Hospitals in India.

Kenya, 12th October 2022: Kenyans can now access the latest technology in the treatment
of cancer at the newly established Apollo Proton Cancer Center. The center is the first
and only proton center in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
Proton Therapy is a radiation therapy that uses tiny particles called protons as
excellent cancer cell killers.

Protons deliver their energy but do not damage healthy
tissue in comparison to other types of cancer treatment making it a game changer in
the world of cancer treatment. As a result of this unique characteristic, this type of
treatment unlike other types of common cancer treatments ensures that patients have
better outcomes, less toxicity, and reduces the probability and/or severity of short and
long-term side effects on surrounding healthy tissues and organs. Patients undergoing
proton therapy have significantly less discomfort during and after treatment and are
less likely to require hospital admission, tube feeding, or treatment interruption. It is
favourable in treating recurrent tumours, even in patients who have already received

Apollo hospitals group which has over 70 hospitals across India is the number one
destination hospital group for Kenyan patients seeking treatment in India. Ministry of
Health in their 2015-2020 report on medical tourism says about 97 percent of Kenyans
who seek medical treatment abroad go to India. A majority of these patients seek
cancer treatment.

Dr. Srinivas Chilukuri, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncology at the Apollo
Proton Cancer Center, said: “Proton Therapy has emerged as an excellent treatment
modality for a number of cancers.

Some of the most common cases being treated at APCC are
paediatric cancers, brain tumours, head neck cancers, advanced tumours of prostate, bone and
soft-tissue including in challenging locations adjacent to skull base and spinal cord. Proton
therapy in select patients can improve survivals and, in most others, reduces the immediate
and long-term side-effects of treatment leading to not just improvement in survival but also
survivorship. It has been proven to be successful in curing or controlling many cancers when
used appropriately.”

Survivorship can be described as the ability of a patient to survive without losing the
quality of life.

According to Globocan 2020, an online database providing global cancer statistics,
Kenya has approximately 42,000 new cancer cases and 27,000 deaths every year. The
number of prevalent cases over 5 years stands at about 82,000. The top cancer among
men being prostate cancer and the top cancers among women being breast and
cervical cancers.

Dr. Chilukuri also maintained that Proton Therapy has emerged as an “excellent
treatment modality for a number of cancers.”

Sharing his experience at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Anthony Hughes, a farmer in
Njoro said, “I had 25 sessions of proton beam therapy. It was very quick, very painless, and
with very few symptoms really. It was so quick, once they set you up on the computer and
everything, each session is about one minute and 20 seconds after which they move you on a
robotic arm on the bed and then target the tumour from a different angle.

I’m just very thankful
that there’s this proton therapy that can help a lot of people where you need to target a very
small area. It’s sort of micro millimeter accurate and it just targets the tumour without going
through it. The technology is unbelievable and we took a leap of faith. We are so happy that
everything has worked.”

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