Why some Judges, magistrates want Olwande, Majanja recalled from JSC

According to Operanews reports, Plans to recall hon Commissioner Majanja and hon Commissioner Everlyne Olwande from the Judicial Service Commission are in top gear, reports reaching this writer can authoritatively confirm.

The two represent the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) in the JSC.

Multiple sources from Judges, Magistrates and Kadhis portray a group that’s totally unimpressed with the representation of the duo in the Judicial Service Commission.

“They are doing zero work within the JSC. We regret having them there,” Said one source in confidence.

“Justice Muchelule and hon Ominde were far much better than our current representatives,” said another Judge.

We sought to establish the genesis of this discomfort. Many Judicial officers and Judges feel the two took up roles that they have no idea about.

Many Magistrates do not see any effort from their representatives to fight for their interests within the JSC.

They say that todate, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has not gazetted their salaries yet there’s no official communication from the JSC. They feel totally left out. 

“They do not care. KMJA even went to court and obtained orders in favour of our members. There has been no compliance to these orders, ” said another source.

Another source pointed out to us that the representatives have been very harsh on Magistrates appearing in the ongoing interviews. We are told that some were even stopped from doing interviews.

“I was was turned away from the interview. I was surprised why rules of Natural Justice do not apply to us” Said one Magistrate.

Our source has intimated to us that there is general consensus that the representatives have performed dismally. 

KMJA has election rules which allow them to recall their representatives. That can happen during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or special General Meeting (SGM). No notice is required for the same.

The KMJA is slated to have their AGM sometimes towards the end of next month. 

We have not been able to reach out to the leadership of KMJA as our calls went unaswered and messages not responded to.

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