County, education officers in Kisii still mum over dumping of waste in schools

Officers are in Kisii county were still mum by Thursday over the controversial dumping of waste in two Kisii Central schools.

The residents further fingered the education officers for not doing enoigh to protect learners from health hazards

The protests follow the month long dumping of waste at Kari and Kisii Special school by the County.

Those who spoke to the our team gave tales of pain after their children sat for the national exams in toxic environments.

Governor Simba Arati is yet to give response in the face of the flurry of complaints Tuesday by environmental activists.

A call placed to him went unanswered.

“As parents we are saddened that neither the education nor the County has given word regarding this development,” said Mogire Mogire a resident of Kari area.

Other institutions affected by the pungent emissions are Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology, Kisii School and Kereri Girls

The residents termed the dumping objectionable..

They castigated the County for falling to need calls to stop dumping the waste and instead went on drilling of more garbage dumping holes.

” This was in blatant disregard of the need for the candidates to write exams in a conducive atmosphere,” he told the press

The parents said they only got relief after the activists wrote letters to Nema .

” It took their effort to stand against a rogue administration after they wrote letters to the National Environmental Management Agency, Nema, to intervene,”, they said. .

More other residents raised objections to the ongoing dumping citing lack of due diligence and lack of public participation regarding the use of the land annexing the schools..

” The whole idea of disposing waste in school is lethargic, ,” added Silvia Mosomi,another resident.

Even then, said Mosomi, there is no wisdom dumpling toxic waste near schools and residential places.

” We should not even talk about public participation in regarding to this, we should be interrogating the soundness of mind of the people who sat in some boardroom to okay such a stupid decision that let’s now dump waste in the middle of homes and schools,” she fumed

She queried the silence of public health offices even as the dumping went on unhindered.

” Do we have them in the first place, if there do they earn salaries because i haven’t heard from them, “said Mosomi.

There had already been a month-long dumping of waste at Kari primary and Kisii Special school in Nyanchwa to the chagrin of the residents.

On Tuesday, some parents and activists also ganged up against Arati saying they will lead children to protest to his offices once learning resumes if the dumping would not had stopped.

And writing from Canada, activist Cyrus Ogega, told Arati to be ready to bear hospital bills for learners who may contract diseases from the waste.

“He should not leave it parents alone, he should bear the burden,” said Ogega.

He also asked the governor to leave the stadium where he has been using as his offices to allow the facility to be used for the purpose it was meant

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