Employee Stays Held Up Inside Kiambu Tycoon’s Office For Demanding Unpaid Dues

A former employee of an affluent Kiambu-based tycoon is crying out for justice after the businessman failed to pay up his due.

The disgruntled victim narrated his agonizing ordeal for the last nine months as he tried to track down his money.

The rather evasive James Njoroge – who owns Soil holdings, Karen Inn Hotel and Hacana Sanctuary along Mugumo Drive – kept taking him in circles until he eventually blocked him on his phone and across all social media platforms where they previously communicated.

Undeterred, he kept searching for ways to reach out.

On Saturday, December 20, he finally got hold of him and received an invitation to his office on Tuesday.

Despite his past fruitless visits to the same office, he was hopeful that this time around, the matter would finally be resolved.

However, when he showed up that day, all hell broke loose.

He arrived in the afternoon but only found the secretary, who claimed that Mr Njoroge was unavailable.

The victim, whose name we have withheld for safety reasons, insisted that he would not leave the building before speaking to his former boss.

This led to a brief altercation that sent the secretary into panic and prompted her to lock him up inside the office.

She later proceeded outside and summoned a crew of goons, who violently kicked him out of the office.

They threatened to cause him bodily harm if he did not heed the orders.

Following the horrifying experience, the victim reported the incident at the Kiambu Police Station.

He has, however, expressed doubts about justice being served, based on Mr Njoroge’s tainted past of evading debts.

In May 2022, he was exposed on this blog for failing to pay a former member of his staff.

The source who worked as a counsellor at the wellness centre said that Mr Njoroge owes him in excess of Sh45,000 for the period of January, February, and March.

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