Huge Scandal At The Methodist Church In Kenya Involving Bishop Joseph Ntombura Mwaine

Embattled Methodist Church of Kenya Bishop Ntombura

Amidst the contentious divisions within the Methodist Church, a faction of clergy from the religious institution has declared their impartiality in the ongoing feud.

The rift centres around the leadership of Bishop Joseph Ntombura, who has faced calls for removal from some church members.

Reverend Steven Mawira of Nkubu Synod spoke out against the confusion and misunderstanding that has plagued the church, causing abuse and threats towards those perceived as aligning with a specific faction.

“The purpose of this press statement is to set the record straight on our common stand regarding issues of concern which has subjected ministers and church members to ridicule, abuse, threat, and intimidation of being perceived to support a particular faction,” he said.

In his statement, Reverend Mawira emphasized the ministers’ duty to serve the church and align with God, rather than individuals.

“We further concur with apostle Paul in the book of 1st Corinthians chapter 3 verse 7 that we neither belong to Paul nor Apollos but God who called us himself. It is therefore our common stand that we do not subscribe or pay any allegiance to individuals but to God to whom we are accountable,” Reverend Mawira added.

The ministers have taken a vow to obey and serve under one system of the Methodist Church in Kenya and will not support any individual over the system.

In response to rumours of the Nkubu Synod separating from the Methodist Church in Kenya, Reverend Mawira vehemently dissociated himself and other ministers from such claims.

He emphasized their role as spiritual leaders to guide the flock through these tumultuous times and expressed confidence in God to see them through.

“As Methodist Church ministers currently serving in Nkubu, we disassociate ourselves from the clamour for Nkubu Synod to move out of the connection. As spiritual leaders, we will continue to shepherd the flock at these turbulent times and we are sure God will see us through.”

The controversy surrounding Bishop Ntombura stems from the extension of his term as the church leader.

He claims his term was extended by 179 votes to one, while his opponents argue that he changed the church constitution to add two extra years to his tenure.

Amid the ongoing power struggle between the factions supporting and opposing Bishop Joseph Ntombura, the Methodist Church of Kenya recently took a step further to protect its members from any potential financial risks.

In a strongly worded Caveat Emptor notice published in the Daily Nation last Friday, the church leadership accused Bishop Ntombura of illegally occupying an office he is not entitled and engaging in financial misdeeds, including the sale of valuable church properties to a Somali businessman.

According to the church’s constitution, a presiding bishop can only hold the position for two consecutive terms of five years each.

However, despite serving the maximum length of time, Bishop Ntombura has remained in power, exacerbating the internal disputes within the church community.

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