Change of Tune As Embezzlement Claims Rock Lazarus Muli, MCSK

MCSK Chair Lazarus Muli

There’s unease at the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) over the management style of the board chair Lazarus Muli.

Mr Muli who is also the eastern regional director is accused of embezzling funds from the Collective Management Organization (CMO) body.

As per sources Muli needs to answer 13 questions over his management at MCSK

As artistes live on peanuts, management at CMOs enjoy soft life. The music industry is rotten.

Artists want the corrupt elements in the industry out. KECOBO Executive Director Edward Sigei, the functionally illiterate MCSK Chair Lazarus Muli, PRISK Chair and the CEO Joseph Njagi who stole 2 million from the joint account of the CMOs

Where is Sh907M he collected in 2017/18 without a license?
Where is Sh500M from international sources like Google sent to MCSK for specific members (international royalties)?
Where is Sh16.3M given to MCSK from KPM is March, 2022 for distribution purposes, did he distribute to himself?
Why does his board receive double payments (honorarium and sitting allowances) and it does not pay taxes?
Who approved the illegal sale of MCSK vehicles and witnessed the signing of 2 parallel sale agreements per car? Who drives KBM a MCSK vehicle?
Who gets paid royalties without any work declared? Indeed did he use another artists work to register in MCSK?
Who has been diverting MCSK funds to a particular city lawyer in the name of legal fees, yet it’s a diversionary tactic. And by the way where is the legal audit conducted by the said lawyer at a tune of Sh3M. Why did he hind the Legal audit?
Who paid twice for MCSK 2019 forensic audit (Sh2.1m and Sh1.3m paid by KPM)?
Who has been disrespecting other KPM directors and in some cases insulting them with their body life conditions?
Who has been circulating abusive messages some even directed to senior government officials?
Who overthrew Chair Kassanga so that he can take over and embezzle MCSK monies?
Under whose watch has MCSKlost its license 3 times and it’s about to lose it again?
Under whose watch has MCSK lost all court cases including proxy cases in Machakos, Kakamega, Kisumu and Nairobi?

Sources say Mr Muli has enriched himself, building flats around Nairobi’s satellite towns.

“He will fail a lifestyle audit which we propose should be done immediately,” a source told

The source added that the lifestyle audit should also incorporate KECOBO Executive Director Edward Sigei, MCSK Chair Lazarus Muli, MCSK CEO Ezekiel Mutua, PRISK Chair Edwardo Waigwa, PRISK CEO Joseph Njagi and immediate former KAMP Chairman Antony Karani.

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